2020 Louisville Local Business Impact Study

LIBA MEMBERS: Please Read Then Participate by March 31

We know that COVID-19 is having a tremendous impact on our LIBA members. We are all concerned for our families, businesses, and the Louisville community. While it has been encouraging to see many messages on social media in support of our independent stores and restaurants, it is clear that our “buy local” message is needed now more than ever if we are all to weather the storm. 

LIBA is dedicated to helping Louisville independent businesses thrive. One of our marketing strategies is to share the statistic about the percentage of local dollars that recirculate in our community. However, the data we reference in our messaging is from 2012 and needs to be refreshed! By participating in the 2020 Louisville Local Impact Study, you can help LIBA gather important data about the impact of Louisville’s independent businesses on our economy. We use this information not only for the general public, but also when we are talking to our elected officials. 

The Covid-19 pandemic has obviously interfered with our original launch plans (and probably every aspect of your own business), and the crisis continues. However, we feel it is still important to make our best efforts to gather this data now, even during these difficult times. One day “normalcy” will return and we will all be rebuilding our businesses. It will be an even more critical time to educate the public about the positive effects of buying from local, independent businesses. One benefit that could come from this economic shakeup is a decentralization of economic power, and we want to be ready to use all the tools we have to make that happen. In these challenging times, we sincerely hope you will take 20 minutes to provide this data to support our ongoing messaging and help you be successful. Your responses will be kept completely confidential, and all data will only be reported in aggregate (never tied to you or your business).

Please CLICK HERE to complete the survey by March 31, 2020. (To see the questions in advance, download here.)

Note: The survey is not long, but you will want to have your financials from the most recent full fiscal (or calendar) year available for reference.

By participating in this study, you will be entered into a drawing for various prizes, including bourbon, gift certificates, and other rewards that are purchased from other independent businesses!

If you have any questions or need more information, please feel free to contact Jennifer Rubenstein, Executive Director, at jennifer@keeplouisvilleweird.com, or (502) 473-4687. 

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