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Only in Louisville:  Louisville Water Tower


A Conversation with Megan Jones, Supervisor - Events and Operations, Louisville Water Tower

By Erica Rucker, Quill & Ink Freelance

The Louisville Water Company is one of the oldest water treatment facilities in the nation with an edge in innovative water filtration technology. In Louisville, the first pumping station, which is located on River Road, is home to Louisville Water Tower, which now houses a museum and event space. It was put into operation in 1860 and operated with its largest pumps until 1910.

At Louisville Water Tower, Megan Jones supervises all events and operations of the venue. Jones, a UofL graduate with a Bachelor of Business, began her career in customer service working in restaurants and groceries. Then she began to put on conferences for investment groups. After a stint in catering, she landed at Louisville Water Tower.

“I oversee all the operations out of this building. Whether it's an event — I classify everything down here as an event if anybody's coming in the building, it's an event,” said Jones. ”Whether it's school kids or a bride and groom, it all involves some sort of personal touch. My staff and I, we book all the events; we set up; we tear down; we do day-of coordination, we run the field trips. You name it and we do it.”

Just over 10 years ago, the space was converted to WaterWorks Museum and an event venue but closed two years ago for renovations (during the larger Water Tower restoration project) and reopened in March. Reservations are now required for events and museum access.

The Museum focuses on the history of Louisville Water in the community as well as how the water supply is collected, cleaned and treated, and delivered to nearly a million people every day. The drinking water is the only trademarked water in the country: Louisville Pure TapĀ®.

Now that the space has reopened to the public, new initiatives are beginning to take shape. One of those being public days where, for a small fee, the public can get a walking tour of the grounds and get to see inside a working pump station. The venue will also be the starting and end point for the Pure Tap 5K in September which will enter its 11th year in 2024.

The space is being more intentional about the programming now that it has reopened.

“For example, the outdoor events must meet a certain criteria and have a purpose to give back to the community, and kind of support our mission. We just wanna be a little bit more mindful about what we're doing on property versus just anything.”

Visit LouisvilleWater.com/LouisvilleWaterTower for event reservations or to schedule a tour.

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