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“When I tell people I’m an attorney,” says Patrick Schmidt, “I usually get the ‘eye roll’. Then I say, ‘I’m the good guy. I don’t screw anybody over but the IRS!’”

If that’s not charming enough, Patrick uses this expertise to spearhead Louisville small business growth. His firm helped negotiate the deals for projects that were the beginning of a downtown revival early in the last decade.

“No one was taking risks downtown back then,” says Patrick, “but we were able to qualify certain projects for historic tax credit financing and state tax tourism-based incentives. One in particular was only the second deal of its kind to go through in Kentucky.” Adds Patrick, “These projects were at the forefront of the development and preservation of multiuse historic buildings in the downtown area and there were so many unique elements to the deal, we had to go to St. Louis to get financing.”

Sounds like big business, right? But Patrick refers to his firm, Tilford Dobbins Alexander, as the ‘hometown law firm’ with big ideas. They are one of very few law firm members of LIBA because very few firms with their expertise will meet the qualifications that other firms can’t, such as making all of their decisions locally. They have also been around town for over 100 years which is above and beyond the LIBA criteria. But Patrick is an overachiever.

“I’m a lawyer and a CPA because I’ve always been good with numbers as well,” says Patrick. “I was the only one of my friends in college who could remember how many beers he’d had the night before.”

Patrick has been with Tilford Dobbins Alexander since 1999 and is encouraged by the home-grown success of some Louisville businesses, insisting that developing local talent is the key to Louisville’s future. “I work with local, entrepreneurial people mostly,” says Patrick “to find ways to help them grow.”

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