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Vendor Applications Due April 18th! 
The Buy Local Fair is
Sunday, May 18 
12 - 6 p.m.
at the Louisville Water Tower Park


Showcasing LIBA Members

If the words “Louisville Water Tower” invoke the image of an ornate, stark-white structure piercing a cerulean sky, it’s for a good reason.  It’s a superstar among the city’s historic icons--an image that’s been ingrained in the collective unconscious of many Louisvillians since it was built on the banks of the Ohio in 1860.  And well, if you’ve ever driven down Zorn Avenue, it’s quite hard to miss.

That eye-catching tower isn’t just a handsome design--even though the architect, Theodore Scowden, envisioned it as a welcoming landmark easily spotted by Ohio River travelers--it was constructed with a purpose.  Inside the tower is a pipe that served as an outlet--a surge protector of sorts--so the steam engines that powered the water pumps wouldn’t implode the building.  The pumps were removed in 1910, leaving a space that was used as storage for the company in the 1930s, a river institute for the University of Louisville in the 1960s, and was most recently home to a local arts organization.  The brown buildings just to the left of the original structures now house the two active pumping stations. Combined, they can pull up to 200 million gallons of river water per day.

Louisville Water completed an exterior renovation that restored Scowden's purposeful design in 2010 and then in 2012, reclaimed the interior and began a second restoration to create the WaterWorks Museum.  Tied into the renovation is a re-branding effort to turn the Louisville Water Tower into a community destination--the Louisville Water Tower Park.

LIBA's Mission:

To preserve the unique community character of the Metro Louisville area by promoting locally-owned, independent businesses and to educate citizens on the value of purchasing locally. In order to pursue its mission, LIBA will focus on:

  1. Informing citizens of the value provided by locally owned businesses, including their importance to the local economy, culture, and social fabric. The goal is to encourage area residents to view themselves as citizens -- as members of a community rather than merely as consumers.
  2. Offering group branding, promotion and advertising to LIBA members to elevate the individual and collective profiles of locally owned businesses in order to provide marketing and exposure advantages chains routinely enjoy.
  3. Creating strong relationships with local government and media in order to inform local decision-making and give voice to the locally owned independent business community, and to promote policies that support community-rooted enterprise.

Why Buy Local?

So many reasons! Here are our favorite two, but you can read more by clicking here.

1. More money stays in the Louisville area. Independent local businesses employ an array of supporting services, circulating money in and strengthening the local economy. They hire local architects, designers, cabinet shops, sign makers, and contractors, Local accountants, insurance brokers, computer consultants, attorneys, and advertising agencies help run them.

Dollars spent at community based merchants create a multiplier effect in the local economy as evidenced by our recent study

2. Locally-owned independent businesses "keep Louisville weird." These businesses are one-of-a-kind enterprises that are vital to the unique character of our community - they help give us our sense of place.

Meet Some Louisville Locals...


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