Only in Louisville: HighVibe Healing Arts Academy & Clinic


By Erica Rucker

HighVibe Healing Arts Academy & Clinic is home to a 670-hour integrative massage and bodywork school centered on trauma-informed care and a dual focus on western and eastern modalities. HighVibe’s wellness clinic offers therapeutic massage, bodywork, energy healing, and intuitive therapies. Owner Adriena Dame says of HighVibe’s services, “All of the work that we do is rooted in loving kindness. There's very much an intention for cultivating trust and relationships with our students and clients.”

Dame says that in January of 2023, the first semester of the massage school will commence. “Aspiring and evolving healing arts practitioners can come and get their credentials to become licensed massage therapists and to earn the continuing education (CE) hours required by the state,” says Dame. Some courses also qualify as personal enrichment, allowing the general public to participate in dynamic healing arts courses.

So, when thinking about HighVibe Healing Arts, it is more than a place to receive therapies. It is a space for learning and expanding knowledge. Something that means a lot to Dame, who is an avid learner herself, and who taught creative writing and literature in high school and college at Spalding and Indiana University. 

As Dame learned more about the often challenging lived experiences of her students, all while navigating the best and worst of her own lived experiences, she found her way to higher purpose. “I awakened to the sacred work of facilitating natural healing. This is what I am meant to do.”

Not only does Dame continue to provide holistic care in the wellness clinic and serve as a member of the faculty for the massage school, she leads a dynamic death doula training and is the founder of The HighV, a non-profit organization committed to funding the education and career advancement of emerging and evolving healing arts practitioners and supporting holistic care initiatives for historically underserved humans.

Course registration and holistic care appointments are available by booking online and visits to HighVibe Healing Arts Academy & Clinic are by appointment only. No drop-ins. “Much of the work we do is highly specialized, Pregnancy massage, fertility massage, and all kinds of different therapies.

HighVibe Living LLC is located at 106 Cannons Lane. Appointments can be made online at

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